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Brody’s Hunting Nursery–McKinney, Texas–Meghan Holden Photography


Brody’s hunting nursery was an evolution. It was an accident I didn’t plan on. I had this idea in my head and as I shopped, it evolved and changed. If you want to see the little boy behind the nursery, check out his newborn portraits here. We of course had to have some “hunting” inspired portraits done for this little hunter. 

When decorating my home, I pick a style and buy pieces that can be used for years. Many of the pieces of furniture I have in my kids rooms are pieces that I’ve had for years, long before they were ever here. I buy pieces with longevity in mind and then buy decorations to change the vibe of the room.

Even when I bought the crib for my daughter, I got a white one on purpose that wasn’t too girly knowing that if it would be a hand me down later. If I got white, not too girly, it could work in any kid’s room. Now that we have a boy, I’m glad I did that, because I didn’t even both to buff out the teeth marks from my daughter on the crib. haha This crib is getting its years of use!

I’m the type of decorator that loves to decorate in a way that the “theme” can be transitional, too. As a result. I usually steer away from characters or objects, and I stick to color themes. With my daughter I got inspiration from a color block pillow and decorated with gold, purple, cream, and white. It’s worked well and I have been able to transition her room from a nursery into a “big girl room” easily. I see her room staying relatively the same until she leaves at 18. I’ve love that about her room.

My plan was to do the same with Brody’s nursery. I was thinking cream, tan, white, and blues. As I went shopping for things for his room, I was drawn to greens instead of blues. Then I just felt myself drawn to deer. It’s SO against my typical decorating, but I just felt like he needed a little “man” room! My husband hunts deer and has hunted for years. I know this will be a tradition that he carries on with Brody. Maybe that’s why I felt drawn?

I’m not sure, but I really do love the way it turned out! I still feel like it’s a room he can grow into. I’m sure I’ll have to take down some of the deer pieces that he will outgrow, but overall, I think I’ll be able to transition it into the different phases of development and growth I know he’ll go through!

If you’re needing some hunting or deer themed nursery inspiration, see below!


Nursery Inspiration
The whole room setup can be seen from here.
Nursery Inspiration
Many of the pieces are hand me down pieces or things I already had in the house. Like I said, I’m very transitional. Many of these pieces were in this room already when it was just a guest room. This dresser was actually mine when I was in high school. I restrained it and changed the hardware. The shelf above it was a piece I got in Canton years ago.
Nursery Inspiration
I STRUGGLED for what pieces to put inside the little cubbies on this shelf. I had a hard time finding things small enough and that were “hunting” to go in here, but I think I figured it out enough. I’m not sure I LOVE it, but I like it.
Nursery Inspiration
I’ve since filled the picture frame here with a newborn portrait, but when I took these pictures he wasn’t here yet.
Nursery Inspiration
Funny story about these baskets on the floor. I bought one and never took it off my registry, so I also got one at my baby shower. I just decided to use them both though, and they filled up pretty quickly anyways!

I got the chair from Pottery Barn outlet on a trip with my mom. It was pretty interesting trying to tie it down to the bed of the truck without my husband (who was ironically at the deer lease).

The B and the deer piece were both from Hobby Lobby.
Nursery Inspiration
I love these simple printouts I got from Amazon on the wall by the curtains. They are drawings of the plans for a Remington gun.

The deer antlers above the crib was actually Zach’s first buck.
Nursery Inspiration
I was a little disappointed about this blanket when it came in. I thought it matched the pillow perfectly, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t both me enough to fix it though haha.

I’m hopeful when he’s big enough that he’ll love his little dog as much as Hazel loves her piggy. I couldn’t pass up this little guy with his hunting jacket. 

If anything, I hope this room has inspired you to use pieces of furniture forever and to be transitional with your thoughts when putting together a room to get the most longevity out of it! 

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