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Yes! I think that documenting your baby's first year of life is so important! They change so much throughout their first year of life, so I want it to be affordable for parents to be able to document those changes! I always try to treat my clients they way I would want to be treated, and I love a good deal! So the more sessions you buy, the bigger the discount! 


In my opinion, the best time to take newborn photos are 5-14 days old. The first few days of life, the feeding schedule is crazy. After the first 5 days, they seem to be in a more predictable feeding routine of about every two hours. After 14 days, they are more alert. Taking photos in the 5-14 day range allows babies to be moved from one position to another more easily and comfortably than when they are older.   

when is the best time to take newborn photos?

I want you to LOVE your photos and cherish them forever! To make sure you love your photos, I gift all of my clients with a style guide! In this guide, I cover all kinds of information that will help ensure you love your photos! I provide tips and tricks on topics like what to wear, when to schedule your session, and how to get your family to cooperate for genuine photos! 

how can i ensure my session goes smoothly?

It depends on what kind of session you are doing. For indoor, lifestyle photos, we want to schedule the session for the middle of the day where lots of sunlight can be flooding into the house. For outdoor pictures, we want to schedule your session for "golden hour" (the hour before sunset). Scheduling your photos for the right time is the main key to ensuring you love the way your photos turn out! 

when is the best time of day to schedule my photos?


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