I am a HUGE dreamer with lots of interests and hobbies! I have a dream one day to be an author, debt free, an adoptive mom, a foster mom, live on a place with lots of land where I can lay in my hammock to see the stars at night with room for cows, chickens, and horses! 

I am an addict of Chick Fil A sauce and shopping at Target! On the weekends you can find me in my leggings and t-shirts with relatable sayings. 

I love connecting with other moms and talking about everything that has to do with raising babies into successful, loving adults! Not only would I love to photograph these precious moments for you, I'd love to be your encouraging friend! Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook!

cherish moments, not things.

Hi! Welcome to my little space on the internet! I'm glad you found me! 

Being a mom is my favorite thing about life! My realization of how fast time really flies once you have a child is what prompted me to document life's most important moments for other moms! 

Meet meghan!

Caramel Macchiato (extra caramel and an extra pump of vanilla)

favorite coffee:


favorite store:

19 Crimes

favorite wine:

Chick Fil A Sauce

favorite condiment:

Netflix and chill

favorite respite:

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